Digital Marketing Manager @ SOFDESK
Board Member @ Sustainability Action Fund
Human Resources – JDC Team @ JMCC
Marketing Major @ JMSB

That’s what I do now, but much more has gone into who I am today.

I started at JMSB in 2014, an acco major with no real plan. First year, I messed around, didn’t pay much attention to my courses and overall ignored my role in the world.

Going into second year, I decided to do something to help me find a direction for myself. I joined JMAS as Director of Marketing, and started to work towards a common goal with a group of amazing people – we wanted to help students learn about the accounting world, and get them jobs! It was a great team, we did a lot of good work, and helped a lot of students find their way. I also picked up a job as a bookkeeper at a small private equity firm on Maisonneuve. I started out entering lines into an excel sheet, and after a month or two, the accounting work I was hired for was not enough to keep me around.

One morning, I went into work and the controller gave me the news, I was being let go. That afternoon, I got a call from the CFO, asking me to come to Austin, Texas to do due diligence, and ultimately acquire a company. We left that afternoon, and from that point on I was working on the new acquisition. Managing the integration of the new staff, systems, and products into our existing company. It moved fast, and was very challenging, but I learned an incredible amount about business, and about people.

The next summer, I joined JMCC, to be competing at ICBC (Queens University) in Management Information Systems (MIS). My teammate, Ryan, and I worked tirelessly to learn about MIS and practiced for the comp. We didn’t end up qualifying, but we learned tons in the process. Along the way we competed in Concours KGP (UQAM) in project management. In December, I was called to be the finance competitor on the International Business team for Jeux du Commerce (JDC) in Moncton. We had a month to prepare as a team for this competition, and we ended up coming in 2nd place in Canada! Across these three disciplines I learned an incredible amount about presentation, business, and again, people.

It was around then that I left for my exchange to Melbourne, Australia. I hopped on a plane and headed down under for the first time in my life, not to return for 7 months. I met so many incredible people, from Australia and all over the world, made memories I will never forget, and personally grew like never before. I spent two months travelling solo after the semester ended, through Australia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. I had tons of adventures, and met countless unforgettable people along the way. It was on this trip that I truly discovered my passion for sustainability.

Now I’m back in Montreal, I work for a software company working to spread solar, I am a board member of a fund giving money to sustainable student projects, and I am making videos regularly with the aim of spreading the word that business and sustainability can – and must – go hand in hand as our generation enters positions of power in the world. It is our time, let’s do it right.

Can’t wait to meet you πŸ™‚

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