You have an idea. You have something to share. You have a plan.

You do. So does your cousin. So does Barack Obama.

So you create social media pages. You make some good content. You even start getting some views. It feels like it may be catching on, but it’s not. Why?

The problem? It’s not real yet.

I believe this is where millions of people are with their ideas today.

An idea is an idea. Everyone has them, nobody acts on them.

People tend to focus on the online representation of what they are doing more than the reality. It is easy to forget that impact made online is a result of impact in real life. There is no game but the long game.

I have spent a lot of time planning, deliberating, thinking, researching, and questioning. I used to run through the potential impact of every single post in my head before I made it, and the result? I never made anything.

It is much harder to convince yourself to DO something than not to.

Seth Godin says,

“People want to help everyone. It is impossible to help millions of people if you don’t even know how to help one person. Focus on helping one person, then move on to five, then grow from there.”

I am paraphrasing, but that is the message he sends, and I agree. At the beginning of your career, where I am now, it is much more important to focus on helping one person than everyone.

It’s hard. It is hard when you have to compare yourself to the thousands of other people in the world who have millions of followers, who succeed in making their dreams real, but it is necessary. Patience is necessary.

Nothing is ever learned immediately. Piano, calculus, marketing, writing, EVERYTHING takes time and practice. Both elements are critical to picking up skills. What makes you think your idea is any different?


Nothing happens overnight. One of my favourite quotes is from Steve Jobs,

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time”

Grind, work hard, and don’t expect anything to happen right away. Life moves in waves, sometimes everything is still, but sometimes one comes along that sweeps you to into an entirely new part of the water. (And sometimes they crash. Hard.)


This is the grind. Work on something every day. Work hard. Work smart. Louis Cole says:

“It is much easier to steer a boat that is in motion, than one that is in the harbour”

Throughout it all, MAKE IT REAL

Planning, plotting, thinking, and talking are all great for helping form ideas, but they won’t make anything happen.

It is easy to think that success can happen completely digitally these days, but the world hasn’t changed that much. It is impossible to make anything happen without working in the real world. Whether it is building a product, meeting the right people, or creating something new, it must happen in the real world.

Your idea will probably change the world, whether within your community, your city, or globally. BUT, it will only happen if you take it out of your head and force it into reality.

I believe in you. Make it happen. Make it real.

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