Would you rather be busy or have free time?

it seems like most people would pick the latter. I am fully in the busy camp, and I make an effort to ensure I am ALWAYS busy, because otherwise I would feel entirely unfulfilled.

Everyone has a need for fulfilling work, but the majority voice these days seems to work only to fund leisure time. There are interesting conversations about this, which talk about the idea that really capitalism requires this. Not only do we have to work and contribute to the productivity of the system, but we also have to use our “off-time” to consume in order to keep the machine moving.

Now, we all do our fair share of both, but I don’t buy into the idea that the leisure time should be more enjoyable than the work. I have made the decision in recent months to turn my leisure time into productive time by creating videos, meeting with interesting people, and reading incredibly interesting books (which I share in my book of the week post every Monday on Facebook)

Work hard, but make sure your work contributes to the enjoyment of your life and those around you. Share, create, inspire. Work for a reason, not a paycheck.

That’s enough inspiration for one blog post I’d say πŸ™‚


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