Why is style going back in time?

The coolest shirts are black or white with old company logos on them (levi’s, nirvana, etc.). Old sunglasses are in style. People like leather jackets, hats, and loose fitting jeans. What is going on?

I understand that fashion is often cyclical, but why is that so? What is it about old things that has so much appeal?

As technology has gotten better, so has marketing. One of the things that is universally agreed on is that the more someone sees a brand, the more likely they are to buy it in the future (think Coke, Nike, etc.). So as more and more companies get better at marketing, so does the number of advertising messages we see.

What this results in, as we are all familiar with, is the constant bombardment of ads and sponsored messages. We have, since we spend so much time online, gotten really good at cutting through the bullsh*t. This is the main reason that “content marketing” is the one of the biggest trends in marketing at the moment, because if you don’t genuinely provide value, you will get 0 time from anyone.

Instead of getting better at culling through endless promotions, some people have simply given up and are (consciously or subconsciously) looking back 3-4 decades to when things were “better”. I think this is one of the reasons for the huge resurgence of vintage and old school styles. People believe that things were better before (before they were born usually, they can appeal to an ideal rather than reality) and are choosing to live in that time rather than embrace the current, for all its perks and flaws.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I see a correlation.


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