How to Make Your Anchor Station Great

Anchor is one of the only apps to come out recently that has real potential to get to scale, and it is starting to grow like crazy.

If you are starting your station, here are some things to keep in mind to make it awesome:

1. Define your theme

There will be a thousand new personal Anchor stations by the time I finish this sentence. In order to differentiate yourself you will need to define your specific offering, and stick to it!

2. Establish a schedule

As with creating any content, you will have to create habits for your listeners! Create a plan and stick to the day and time that you will create your episodes. Your followers will come to expect it at that time and look forward to it. Stick to it!

3. Use Interludes

This feature is great. You can easily and quickly add sound effects and little songs into your content to make it sound professional! All it takes is a few taps and you have a much more wholesome, enjoyable experience for your channel. People will love it!

4. Share call-ins on your station

If someone takes the time to share their voice and channel with you, share it! Show them that you are listening, that you appreciate their engagement, and you will create a loyal follower of your content. That person will become valuable to you, and if you respond, they may share you as well. That value co-creation is key to growth on new platforms!

Anchor is looking like it will be a great platform for sharing thoughts, ideas, and fun stories. Use these tips to ensure that you create great content that people will love!

If you’re interested, here is my station 🙂



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