What a day in Jervis Bay!

Kangaroos, Wales, Fish, and more! Our second day in Jervis Bay was filled with adventure and fun.

First was surfing, not a great day for it, but I gave it a try. Got up once or twice, broke my GoPro mount off my board, then gave up. At least the beach was pretty.

We then went to Moe’s Rock, after hearing that we may see a whale or two, and wow was that an understatement. There was a full on humpback whale migration taking place! I made an entire separate video for it! They were blowing, jumping, and just having a great time. It was really quite something to watch.

Finally, we went to Murray Beach and snorkelled, swam, climbed trees, and chilled. It was a nice way to end a stellar day in Jervis Bay.

Watch it all here:



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