I tried to ship my bike home. It didn’t work.

Spoiler: they wouldn’t take it!

I brought my bike to Australia on the plane, and it was indispensable to me the whole time! I used it to explore the city in the first few weeks, keep up my fitness, meet people through group rides, and run errands when I needed.

I am glad I brought it, and I really love the bike I brought! I was hoping to sell it to fund my travels, but was unable to sell it as a whole. I sold the wheels, which I built new recently, to one guy and didn’t have much luck selling the rest, so I tried to ship it home!

It was just slightly too long to be sent by Australia Post, and sending via Fedex or UPS was over $1000 (hence the title) so I decided to post it again for a lower price to get rid of it.

Enjoy the video πŸ™‚


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