Keep on Reading!

In the past few years, I have noticed that most of my peers have either completely stopped reading, or only read content for courses because they have to. Less than five of my friends read on a regular basis. There is even a negative connotation associated with reading because of school requirements. We have been forced to read many books that are uninteresting or seemingly irrelevant, for purposes that are not explained to us. This leaves most students with a bit of a bitter taste when it comes to reading in their free time.

The benefits and pleasure of reading therefore have been lost, and it may take some work to bring it back. Every day, most of us will spend hours on Facebook, stuck in autoplaying video feeds, or reading “news” about celebrities and new products, not realizing that we are essentially throwing time away. Time is always valuable, and spending it reading new books on new and exciting topics is one of the best things you can do with it!

I encourage everyone I know to read books instead of binge watching Netflix or scrolling through YouTube videos, because I know the value of spending a few hours a day diving into the thoughts of a great author. Books are windows into another person’s mind, in a way that a blog (like this one) or videos are not quite in sync with. Yes, videos can provide similar value, but they are never in the depth of detail and explanation that is realized in books. I love watching Ted talks, and educational YouTube videos, but they do not give the entire story of the thoughts of the creator. They are simply the punchline of months or years of work. Books provide the story, the evidence, the journey, and the takeaways, in a way no other medium has yet done.

Please keep reading. Read everyday. Read about topics you love, you hate, you want to learn more about, and you have never heard of. Read biographies of history’s most interesting and successful people, they have a lot to teach.

Read more. You won’t regret it.



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